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Is Passion Enough for your Business Success?

Does knowing what you care about help you through your entrepreneurial journey? I think passion is an over-used word. Passion is associated with the fairy-tale stories of other people’s glamorous lives and their successful businesses. People attribute their success to their deep sense of passion and they make it all seem like a carefree adventure. […]

Five Ways Entrepreneurs Build Soft Skills

Unlike your IQ which is largely unchanged throughout your life, EQ or Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved through experience.  I believe the top 5 soft skills every entrepreneur needs to succeed in business are: Leadership; Integrity; Communication and Networking; Emotional Intelligence; and Teamwork. Read more here.  We can build and improve these soft […]

Top Five Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs

I don’t believe we can succeed in our business dreams without considering both hard and soft skills. I believe these 5 soft skills are essential to putting your big, bold business idea into action. They are also the top soft skills you should look for in anyone you hire to join your business team. What […]

The best New Year’s Resolution

Question: What is the best resolution to make? Answer: The resolution you can keep!  Many of my friends are talking about their New Year resolutions. By February most of them will have forgotten their promises. Many resolutions are made on January 1st and most fail within a few weeks.  Is there a way to improve […]

Business Ideas are not Random

Inspired business ideas It was a rainy morning and my waking thoughts were about how to reach more people with my business training. During face to face trainings I saw a handful of people ‘get it’ and take their ideas forward in a planned and deliberate manner. I wondered ‘How could I reach more people […]

Ten Lessons from 30 African entrepreneurs

Every year Forbes Africa identifies and interviews the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age who own successful businesses in Africa. When they say successful, they mean 6-figure businesses or businesses on their way to earning a million USD annually. Woo!  Now before you think that is out of your league. Stop! Everyone starts […]

Six (more) Reasons to keep a Journal

A few months ago I outlined three reasons why you should keep a journal. That wasn’t the whole story as there are several more reasons to keep a journal day after day and year after year. I’m going to mention six more reasons now but let me know if you have other points I might have […]

Start your Entrepreneurial Journey as an Employee

It may seem strange to start your entrepreneurial journey as an employee. But, what is smarter than being a paid employee while you get experience and learn about running a business?  There are many benefits to being an employee (aside from the salary); such as learning about work ethic (teamwork, accountability, punctuality, professionalism), business skills […]

Tips to Conduct your Personal Inventory

Having the confidence to step forward in the direction of your Big, Bold (Business) dreams starts with clear and realistic knowledge of where you are now.  What is your starting point? Every journey starts from a certain point (A) and heads towards a destination (D). The journey from A to D often goes through B […]

How to make Smart Decisions about Important Things

You cannot hear this often enough! Your Big Bold Business Dream is super important because only you can fulfil it! The world needs you and your contribution. Your gifts and experience are unique. We are waiting to see you become all that you always dreamed of being! You deserve to be happy doing what you […]