Business Concept Review

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Course Overview

The Business
Concept Review is an online service to help you have a concrete and validated business
idea for which customers are willing to pay.

With your
business concept, you able to attract potential investors. You will be
confident about your business concept because you invested time upfront to
clarify and test your idea. For most entrepreneurs having some certainty that
their product/ service will sell give them peace of mind to spend energy and
money about what they passionate.  A
validated business idea is the business concept that takes you to the
implementation stage of the startup process.

So, if you may have a
business concept but are not confident whether it is worth pursuing and the
only thing you need is a bit of help, then having another set of eyes on your
business concept will prove worthwhile. The review will provide you with a
level of certainty before investing time and money.

Or you may be stuck on how
to make it real and earn money from it. The Business Concept Review will guide
you towards making your business concept concrete and testing it to see if
customers will be willing to pay for the solution.

The feedback in the Business
Concept Review will highlight the process and practical steps you took testing
your idea. It will also showcase your understanding of all the elements of your
business concept and your ability to write it down.

The Business Concept Review
Template is a tool that will help make your idea concrete and fast track the implementation
of your idea.  

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