Call Center

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Course Overview

Learn the Basic Skills to Improve
Productivity when Dealing with Customers

Whether you have an online business or brick and
mortar handling customer concerns with skilled employees are the heart of any
operation. Also, with dynamic changes in customer needs and preferences, business
success demands professionalism and high levels of confidence.

The Call Center course will help you improve
confidence to enter your work area with the necessary tools on hand. You will
learn that dealing with the customer is more than answering the phone; it is
about knowing why a customer wants to buy from you, how to hold customer
conversations and build a relationship.

Practice exercises will empower you to answer
questions, and overcome objections and ultimately close the deal.

As a more confident call centre agent, you will
be happy, and a delighted agent will produce a happy and satisfied customer.

I am so happy you decided to take this course.

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