Digital Citizenship

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Course Overview

How to Be A Good
Digital Citizen in the Digital Space

The internet has changed the way everyone stays
in touch, share information and deal with problems.

Many benefits are available for operating in the
digital space, but if you are not careful hackers and trolls can destroy your
online presence. It is, therefore, essential to learning the necessary skills
to help you use technology appropriately.

The Digital Citizenship course will give you the
skills needed in the ever-changing digital world, where you can connect and
collaborate. In this course, you will learn to engage with people digitally,
practice safety and security, and digital etiquette. You will also apply skills
to handle online bullying, scrolls, and work in the digital world.

Throughput the special coursework attention is
drawn to help you translate your social skills into the virtual world.

I am so happy you
decided to take this course.


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