Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea

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Course Overview

Are you frustrated that you spend time and money on an idea that does not work? Or what if you have no idea and you don’t know how to come up with a great idea? You may have found the right family!

The course has a goal to help you generate and clarify your business idea. An idea that is ready for testing and you can use to develop your business concept. You will not only have a business idea with a product that sells, but that improves lives. Now whether you are a start-up or an existing business as an entrepreneur, you will have confidence about your idea and the process you followed to make your idea concrete.

The idea generation process draws attention to identifying and aligning your ONE passion to the customers’ ONE real problem. And then finding the ONE best solution to address the customer’s pain point, wants and needs. In this process, your customer is central to having an idea for which they are willing to pay.

In this course, you will use tools and techniques to identify the real problem and find the right solution. Furthermore, you will benefit from the practice exercises where you will improve your problem-solving, decision-making, and research skills.

The course comes loaded with quality content, worksheets, resources, practical tools and techniques to help you complete the Idea Canvas. The Idea Canvas is a complete toolkit which captures all the elements of your business idea in one place. The Canvas is a roadmap to help you know where you are on the journey.

What you will learn:

1.   Understand the process of creating a well-thought-through and concrete idea by starting with the customer first.

2.   Identify your ideal customers and their pain points through market research.

3.   Identify your passion(s) and align it with your business idea.

4.   Use selected tools and techniques to identify the real problem and select the right solutions for your idea.

5.   Write a clear and well-defined problem statement about your customers and their pain points.

6.   Craft the ONE idea that you will use during the idea validation process.

What can you do with what you learned?

·     Validate your business idea with a well-written and concrete idea.

·     A filled-out idea canvas from which to extrapolate information to complete your business concept and plan.

·     Access a wide selection of tools and techniques that works.

·     Present to venture capitalist with confidence a thought-through idea.

·     Target, your ideal customers.

·     Have better ways of aligning your passions with your business idea.

·     Develop the habit of getting to the root of issues before making decisions.

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