Internet Marketing

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Course Overview

How to Leverage Technology to Implement
Marketing Strategies

The internet has forever changed the way people
shop and conduct business. The internet affords you to reach a broad audience
through low-cost marketing tools.

Growing your customer base or career requires a
basic understanding of internet marketing. This course design will help you
improve your skills and profession and stay current on tools to build your

You will create an effective marking campaign,
do marketing research, conduct a SWOT analysis, and use real-time marketing,
branding and SEO management as part of your marketing strategy.

Particular focus to create quality content, a
landing page, and capturing leads will be useful, practical activities. Whether
you are an entrepreneur, employed in a company or both, you will be able to
handle the pitfalls of internet marketing as you grow the online business.

I am so happy you
decided to take this course.

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