Personal Branding

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Course Overview

How to Develop a Positive
Brand for Business Success

In the information age,
personal branding defines who you are and sets you apart by what value you
give to customers.

Having a brand for your
product or company helps people want to know the person behind the product/
service. Taking steps to good branding is necessary because if you don’t brand
yourself, the public will.

With the Personal Branding
course, you will identify your values, passions, and strengths to help you
define who you are and create a brand mantra. You will learn to take control of
your public image by identifying and using the right tools to create a positive
brand.  Furthermore, you will create a
message for your target audience as part of the process to define and influence
how others see you and how you want them to see you.

Learning how to deal with a
brand crisis and thinking out of the box is always helpful. Branding is necessary for
personal and business success.

I am so happy you decided to take this course.


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