Online Training

The Web-based online training is hosted on the Impact Entrepreneurship Learning Management System. The online training has three major categories with several courses with modules. The online training also includes recommended packaged courses suitable for client’s needs.

The single on-demand courses can be accessed using mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers from online and offline facilities which enables participants to learn at their time and pace.

The training content is presented using PowerPoints presentations, narrated audio and video slides, Podcasts, activities, stories, case studies, and assignments. The learning supports social media using video messaging, blogs, chat room, Skype, and video conferencing.

The online training is learner-centered with a strong focus on acquiring the relevant skills to do the job effectively, improve self and develop leadership skills. The training is an opportunity for hands-on experience of the internet and the use of web-based business tools which will be helpful and a value-added component in the personal development and lower cost of doing business. The learner is the driving force behind the learning. Learning process encourages discovery learning on your own as well as peer learning to ensure understanding and insight of the content material. Register now!

Face-to-Face Training

Face-Face training remains a valuable part of the business. Seeing the lightbulb goes on in the minds of learners is what drives our face to face training. Learners attend a workshop with a small group of twenty-five (25) persons which allow for personal interaction with the trainer and peer and maximum participation. The workshops range from one to five days depending on the course (s) offered. During the classroom training, specific course topics will be taught as outlined in the coursework. The learner benefits from immediate feedback, reinforcement, and clarity on the content material. The customized coursework is for specific groups within the country context. The training approach is participatory, collaborative, and hands-on. Each learner will receive a binder with printed training materials (worksheets, PowerPoints, and case studies) and have access to specific online content.

Please contact for further discussions on Face-Face Training.

BIZ Coaching

Business coaching supports individuals, entrepreneurs, women leaders and employees to stay motivated, accountable, focused and on track. More importantly coaching not only help to reinforce learning materials but it also brings you back to the front and center and focus on self-development. The business coaching is an integral part of the training with its specific performance outcomes. Individual and group coaching are offered at a fee to help with the practical implementation of action plans for the respective courses offered. Book now!

Learning Consulting

Consulting services include:

• Trainer of Trainers

• Conduct Training Needs Analysis

• Assistance with access to Finance

Individuals, small and medium enterprises and large corporations may contact us for consulting services.